I like colours, ambitious people, vintage, non-ficton books and fantasy films.
I have a background in music, textile & design, natural science and I am now starting my BA in interactions design.
I’m borderline obsessed with strong female characters and icons.

I decided to work on a series of full figure poses that went together in style and size. I obviously chose to go with horror characters and their own iconic poses. It was a fun little sketch project.

Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, Vampira and Bride of Frankenstein.

Made a little assignment for myself the other day and here is the progress of it, some classic horror brides!

Beautiful haute couture polaroids by Cathleen Naundorf.

Just found Amanda’s new fabulous book! Fashion throughout time (Modet genom tiderna), here “free time clothes” from the 60s 🌟

Marisa Berison to the right with friend in France. Photographed by Arnaud de Rosnay for Vogue US 1968.


such a beautiful icon!

Always up so stupidly late when I start with something new. Just finishing up with the inking of this drawing. I do like them bunnies πŸ‡

I was doodleing and realised i really liked what i was doing, so i scanned the drawing in photoshoped and just kept on going with it (and starting over x times). Even thou it’s pretty rough in places i like it! I don’t know what to call her yet thou hmm.

Here is another new illustration of mine, this is graphit and ink. I’m currently home in Sweden which makes it easier for me to focus on some illustrations, but at the moment I’m mainly lazy. Still trying to work in photoshop as much as possible, but I’m going to be sketching more now for a bit because it is more fun.

One of my latest paintings. Wanted to try out the whole paint space with watercolour and salt- thing. This is how it ended up; kind of a dreamy/ spaced out gypsy, lots of fun!

Yves Saint Laurent collection shoot by Helmut Newton 1965

Some of Audrey Kawasaki’s stunning work!

Danny is taking me out for a surprise tonight and all he said was to dress nice. I went with the Disney princess theme.

Making a floral headpiece for a festival. Think I should start doing it more often because it’s so much fun!