I like colours, ambitious people, vintage, non-ficton books and fantasy films.
I have a background in music, textile & design, natural science and I am now starting my BA in interactions design.
I’m borderline obsessed with strong female characters and icons.

Finished illustration I made for my friend. Let’s hope she’ll like it! I enjoy working with requests that has some sort of guidelines, makes me try new things. 

Watercolour and ink

Latest illustration! Inspired by a fashion photo from 60s Vouge.

Ink,colour pencil and watercolour.

Incredible abandoned places! First a house in florida, a church in france and last a house built for polish royalty.

Super quick thumbnail of a new painting I’m making for a friend!

I’m happy about going back to London the 29th, and leave Sweden for a while but I will miss my house and garden and family 🌿🍂

Shot by Cecil Beaton, vogue 1946

Photograph by Norman Parkinson, vogue UK, 1970.

I have to say this is one illustration i’m very excited about, didn’t over think it and just enjoyed the process. Inspired by Maleficent ( i saw the film not long ago)

watercolour and ink digitally composed.

Been sketching and painting backgrounds in front of the TV watching silly films all night 🍒

Thinking about some new sewing projects since I still have some time off before school starts, ever since i stopped working in vintage i’ve got the motivation back again.

My new tattoo is almost healed!

Back in Sweden now after a lovely time in London, I’ll be back soon! This is what had come for me when I was gone, awesome to come back to! So excited 🌟

I decided to work on a series of full figure poses that went together in style and size. I obviously chose to go with horror characters and their own iconic poses. It was a fun little sketch project.

Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, Vampira and Bride of Frankenstein.