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Some of Audrey Kawasaki’s stunning work!

Danny is taking me out for a surprise tonight and all he said was to dress nice. I went with the Disney princess theme.

Making a floral headpiece for a festival. Think I should start doing it more often because it’s so much fun!

March issue of Queen, 1969

Jean Shrimpton, black and white memories 1983

Putting some colour on this grey day.

(A bit messy) Ombre nails! 🌻

Started on this butterfly girl a few weeks ago and I finally went back and finished it once and for all. It’s a present for my mum (a very very late one).

Digital mixed media.

While Amanda is packing her room and getting high of the cleaning fluid fumes, I’m enjoying my freedom!

This is me and my best friend, all dressed up for the fancy dress party we went to Saturday.

I love these things..

Today is my last day at Rokit vintage. This is what I’m leaving the shop with.

We had this not so pretty styrofoam head at work for hat displays. Obviously we didn’t use it.. I took it home and did some paper mâché and painting to make a less scary head as a part of a birthday present (which is a headpiece).

James Garner & Audrey Hepburn